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Do humans have a nature? I mean one of our own, independent of God. Or is our nature simply one derived from God either in submission to him or in rebellion against him? Could it be that we humans were created to be a vessel that contains the Spirit of God, and we are designed to simply be an expression of him? Maybe the whole lie in the Garden is what gave us the false idea that we are our own independent person apart from God. It seems to me this may be the very root of our problem.

When Adam partook of the forbidden fruit he allowed what the Bible calls the “spirit of error” into his vessel. Since then we have all been born with this illegal indweller that whispers lies into our inner thoughts. He says things such as you can do what you want. You are your own boss you don’t have to listen to them. It’s your life you’re not hurting anyone else anyway. Do you see how this starts to sound like it’s simply our thoughts rather than thoughts injected into us from the deceiver? God created us as vessels and yet Adam, and we, made the choice to disobey him. It’s just that in the process of disobeying we picked up a hitchhiker that took up residence within. Of course if he showed himself openly we would be repulsed and his deception would be foiled, so he is satisfied to manipulate us from under cover of darkness.

Remember Lucifer’s whole trip was he wanted to be like God. He said, “I will exalt myself.” He was also created by God to be an expression of him. He was apparently the first one to decide to become his own boss and it earned him a one way ticket out of heaven. What I would like for you to see though is in the fall of man we are born with that nature. The nature of one made to express God’s glory and yet in rebellion against his very purpose. When something doesn’t operate the way it was intended to it is at odds with itself, and we too will in turn become angry, frustrated, jealous, envious, hateful and etc. Do you see what I’m getting at?

In conclusion let me just say it this way. We human beings don’t really have a nature of our own. We simply are an expression of the nature of the one within us, either the divine nature of Jesus Christ or the sinful nature of the spirit of error himself, a fallen angel, who is forever trapped to live a life at odds with himself and all those around him. Thankfully for us God saw fit to make a way for us to be delivered from the spirit of error and the wheel of anguish that is his life. The deliverance only comes through dying to the self exalting mentality of the enemy. It is through the cross of Christ that we are co-crucified in order to evict the illegal resident. The Bible tells us we that are joined to Christ in his crucifixion are also joined with him in his resurrection; raised to walk in newness of life. Essentially the spirit of error goes out, and the Holy Spirit of God comes into the vessel to change us into the expression of God we were created for in the first place.

Written by Louie


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