Jacob Boehme-Excerpt from “The Way to Christ”

The following was taken from “The Way to Christ” written by Jacob Beohme. It is an excerpt from “The Sixth Treatise on the supersensual life [That] is a conversation of a teacher and student.” (1622)

The student said: “How far are heaven and hell from each other?” The master said: “As day and night, as everything and nothing. They are in each other and each is to the other as a nothing and yet they cause each other joy and pain. Heaven is through the whole world, and outside the world it is over all without any division, place or position, and works through the divine revelation only in itself. And in that into which it comes, or in that in which it has become revealed, there God is revealed. For heaven is nothing other than a revelation of the Eternal One where everything words and wills in silent love. And hell is also in and through the whole world also dwelling and working only in itself and in that in which hell’s foundation is revealed, as in self and false willing. The visible world has both of these in itself. Man, however, is according to his temporal life only in the visible world, and therefore during this time he does not see the spiritual world. The external world with its being is a cover for the spiritual world, just as the soul is covered with the body. When the external man dies, then the spiritual world in the soul is revealed, either according to the eternal light with the holy angels, or according to eternal darkness with the devils.”

Excerpt from “The Way to Christ” by Jacob Boehme


2 thoughts on “Jacob Boehme-Excerpt from “The Way to Christ”

  1. In a book with so many rich and memorable passages, this one was etched on my insides from the time I bought the book. B

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