Why do you care?

The Christian County Jail

I wanted to share this story with you because it meant a lot to me at the time and still does. Matter of fact, the girl I mention in this story has gone on to the Women of Hope rehab and is now a new creature. If she read this post, she would laugh and remember how far God has brought her. This story is told from Sept 2009.  I love how it’s all God and none of us. All we do is agree with Him. He is God and we are not.

After pulling the girls from their cells we are to walk down the hall to church. We pass by the male’s cells and we are to look at the floor. I saw a girl that came back to jail after being fugitive of the week. This is her third time in jail since I have known her. As we walked, I put my arm around her. She started to cry and she said, “Why do you care?”  I shushed her until we got in a safe place. She said to me that she didn’t understand why I cared about her when she was such a piece of *!@#. I told her that only the enemy thinks that way about her, but Jesus loves her.

When it was my turn to share with them, I told them of my journey to Georgia with Louie to see my friend Sharon and her family. I told about how her son developed a severe allergy to milk, egg and gluten. How it inspired her to start her own bakery that includes tasty deserts that don’t harm her son. It was what the evil one meant for harm, God meant for his good. She glorifies God everywhere she goes and to everyone she talks to. She is a true lover of Christ. It was so amazing to see her trust in God for every aspect in her life, and what a ministry God has given her.

It reminded me of Joseph in Gen. 50:20. Everything in Joseph’s life seemed like he didn’t deserve the treatment he got. He was thrown into a pit; his brothers lied about him being dead. The baker and the cup bearer forgot about him while he was in prison. But see, God meant it for his good because Joseph was able to provide for his family when the famine came into the land so that they wouldn’t die.

The teaching of Joyce Meyer tonight was about offending ourselves. Isn’t that what the girl in line just said about herself? She doesn’t like herself and is offended by herself. She feels ashamed and alone. She was exactly where God could speak to her that night. After church, she asked to talk to us. So Joyce let me speak to her alone first. She was very frank with me and told me things that she has been hiding about her husband’s, daughter’s and her drug use. She said through tears she was done. She tried everything else and God was her last hope. I reminded her that Jesus is all we need. I told her that frequent trips through hell burn off the ugly and that is why we are so beautiful. This was a quote from Fran Giles.  She was asking me about a Christian based rehab that was out of town. She said that she can not get help here in town because she knows too many people and knows that she will use crack again.

She made a promise to Joyce, in front of me, that she will come to every service until she gets out. She wrote a letter to the Judge begging for another chance. She knows she doesn’t deserve one, but asks anyway.  One thing that Joyce noticed was that she didn’t refer to Christ as “him.” She kept saying “I need it,” “I want it.” But see, she needs Him. She sounds serious, and I know God will do his part. What the devil meant for harm in her life, God will turn it around to glorify him. Thank You, Lord, for second chances and third ones and fourth ones and ……………..  That’s why I care. Because He cares!

Written by Tracey


2 thoughts on “Why do you care?

  1. I really enjoy reading this Tracey. I know where you are coming from. When they walk out of that jail door to the street, you pray that they take Jesus with them. Time will tell.

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