Me and My New Guitar

Tracey and the Alvarez

About eight months ago I knew God put into my spirit a desire to learn to play the guitar. Louie, my husband is an excellent guitar player and has a couple of guitars; one is a student’s acoustic guitar with strings that lay high off the neck. There was a missing string and the rest of them were rusted, but that was the only acoustic in the house. Off to the music store I went to get new strings. I cut my nails, and the skin on my left hand’s fingertips began to tingle and turn into calluses. At times it felt like razor blades on my fingertips; but I wasn’t giving up.

Soon word got out about the desire God dropped into my spirit and we were given not just one guitar, but two. One was for loan the other was donated. So, off I went to learn chords, strumming techniques and how to hold a pick. The part that made the most sense to me about why God was leading me to do this was to bring praise and worship into the jail without needing an amp.

Learning to play has not been easy, but I have a good teacher. He is patient with me and never seems to get agitated when my fingers don’t do what my brain is telling them to. Louie understands that this is what God gave me, and God is going to complete it in me. I would practice every day at first, then a couple times a week; but the desire never left me. Matter of fact it grew and grew because Louie got inspired and he started learning more and more new stuff. He even wrote his own song from Romans 7 and made it into a blues lick.

In jail the week before, we watched the Passion of the Christ and it hit me that the one song I know real well talks about the love of Jesus and how He was on the cross between two thieves. The name of the song is “If That Isn’t Love”; it goes on to say, if that isn’t love then the ocean is dry, there’s no stars in the sky and the sparrow can’t fly.

So it worked out that this was the Easter weekend and how perfect it was to share this song with them. I also shared with them in 1 John 4:7-12 that says He that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love. I explained to them that God is the reason we can love our children or love one another, because God is love and love gives. Love is about the other person!

I sent Louie to the music store to buy a new guitar because we gave back the borrowed one and the other one is messed up. He comes back with the most beautiful Alvarez acoustic guitar with the sweetest sound. I was excited to share my new talent, new guitar and desire with the girls in jail.

As I was attempting to get comfortable sitting in one chair with my music in another, my heart began to beat fast and my fingers were not finding the right string. Needless to say, it turned into a comedy show. However, it calmed my nerves and I was trusting in Jesus to complete what He started in me. It felt like God was carrying me and singing through me, to be honest. I didn’t want it to end, but the only problem was I only knew one other song; so we sang that one too. We sang Amazing Grace together; we had a good time in the Lord, and focused on Him. Remember what Easter is about and that He lives. Jesus lives! That is something we can sing about!

Written by Tracey


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