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God gave us his commandments to show us we are sinful and are in need of a Savior. Some folks haven’t yet learned that God never thought we could keep the commandments. They truly believe God is pleased by us keeping the law. Now I am not saying that he wants us to break the law either, but who is it that he expects to keep it?

The Apostle Paul tells us in the letter to the Galatians that the law is our schoolmaster to lead us to Christ.[1] In other words the law was given to show us our need for a savior. He never for an instant thought we could keep it. In Romans Paul told us “that by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.”[2] So without the law we wouldn’t know we needed a Savior. Now that we see our need we can call out for salvation.

Some think that salvation is Jesus coming along side of us to help us to live the Christian life. The truth is we couldn’t obey the law; so why do we now think we can live the Christian life? The whole reason for giving us the law was to reveal our inability to keep it and to show us our need. Once having received Christ, in the form of the Holy Spirit, He comes to live within and  keeps God’s law through us.

God’s plan all along was to dwell in us. We are in fact the Temple of the Holy Spirit that lives in us.[3] We were created to contain God not to run about trying to become like him. Learning the purpose for our existence is quite alarming at first. We have always lived under the lie of trying to do better and learning to be like Christ. Once we see what the law was for, and that we can’t perform up to God’s perfect standards, we will give up on trying to be like Christ. “If righteousness comes by the law then Christ is dead in vain.”[4]

The way to salvation is in trusting a perfect Savior to live his perfect life from within a human vessel. We are to stop trying to be like Jesus and just let him be himself from within us. After all, was it not Lucifer (Satan) who said, “I will be like the most high?”[5] Wasn’t it this same lie to Eve that she would be like God that lead to the downfall of man? The key to life is to stop trying to be perfect and start trusting the one who is, and his name is Jesus Christ.

Written by Louie

[1] Galatians 3:24a

[2] Romans 3:20

[3] 1 Corinthians 6:19

[4] Galatians 2:21

[5] Isaiah 14:12-14


6 thoughts on “TRYING OR TRUSTING

  1. Hmm?!! I wasted a lot of time being a pillar, one of those Greek Corinthian Pillars supporting and upholding the law. That’s a great weight, the law and a misguided purpose the support of it. It is so much easier being a container, a vessel because Jesus’ yoke is easy and the burden light.


    • Amen! It seems we all must carry it for a while until we finally wear down enough to see the truth.
      When we do Jesus Christ is there waiting to relieve us of it. What a great Savior!
      Thanks Larry,

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