Photo by Tracey Lewis

One of Satan’s favorite ploys is to entice us into Unforgiveness. He knows something some of us apparently don’t. He knows if he can work up some Unforgiveness in our heart we will remain captive to him.

In 2 Corinthians 2 Paul is instructing the Corinthians to forgive a man so he won’t be swallowed up in grief. This brings up an interesting question. When do we allow someone back into our trust after they have done something to hurt us? In this case a man had been living in an openly sinful lifestyle and the majority made the decision to expel him from the group. The point of expelling him wasn’t to get rid of him but rather for him to see that his behavior was unacceptable. Once he came to the realization that he was in the wrong and came back to make things right they were to forgive him and allow him back into fellowship. Of course the real goal here was for him to be restored both to God and them.

If we toy with Unforgiveness what we are doing is holding someone hostage. It’s like we are now the ones to decide whether or not you have done enough for us to let you back in or not. If we aren’t careful we will never be satisfied, and they will never be restored.

There seems to be four steps in this scheme of Satan’s. First he gets us offended at someone. You know how it is. Someone says or does something that the devil exploits and blows out of proportion maybe. We simply take it and get offended. The next thing if not corrected soon enough the offense turns to Unforgiveness. Unforgiveness if not settled will eventually turn into bitterness. Bitterness is something the Bible warns against by telling us “Don’t let a root of bitterness grow up therefore defiling many.” Finally if the bitterness isn’t healed we will end up in a dark and scary place the Bible calls hardness of heart. This is a place it is difficult to return from. It isn’t impossible because with God all things are possible, but things are much simpler if we learn how to deal with this in the first stage of being offended.

There are more ways one can end up with a hardened heart this is just one of the ways. It seems the more time we spend thinking or meditating on the natural rather than the supernatural may be a contributing factor. If God working miraculously in our lives comes as a shock to us we may be in danger of some heart issues. What exactly do we think it took for God to forgive us of our life of sin? Who are we to deny someone else our forgiveness if God has freely forgiven us?

Please reconcile with members of your family or friends now. It is much easier to make amends the quicker we do it. Besides you’ll never believe how light the load is once you dump the Unforgiveness. Jesus invites us to come to him if we are weary and heavy laden and he will give us rest. Just think of it like this. If Satan can get us into Unforgiveness he doesn’t even need to be present to torment us we will do it to ourselves all by ourselves. It’s as if he locks us up, leaves the key in the door and walks away. The whole time we have the ability to be set free yet we won’t. Don’t be ignorant of his devices make that call right now and start making amends.

Written by Louie



  1. Louie, I love reading what Father puts on your heart!!! Unforgiveness is such a deceptive tool of our enemy. Lisa Albritton

    • Lisa,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I once heard unforgiveness was like someone taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.
      We simply have to get over it!
      Thanks again,

  2. Seems to me Unforgiveness also holds the unforgiver hostage…”I therefore find no condemnation in Christ Jesus”…Unforgiveness IS condemnation…the personifacation of evil has developed a trap to catch two or more at a time including the unforgiver.


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