Photo by Tracey Lewis

Some people get angry, stomp their feet, throw a fit and some people blame others for the things that happen to them. We deal with life, or things that happen around or to us, in different ways. God knows we have emotions because He gave them to us, but the secret is not to let them rule us.

Let’s look at King David in 2 Samuel 16 starting in verse 5. David and his men were minding their own business along the road when one of the family of Saul showed up to harass them. The guy’s name was Shimei and he was throwing things at King David and his men, cursing them the whole journey. How did David respond to him? He said “if he curses and if the Lord has told him, “curse David,” then who shall say why have you done so? David realized that this was coming from the hand of The Father, not the devil. How many times have you heard or even said yourself, “the devil has been after me all week.” Maybe it’s not the devil, maybe it’s the Lord getting us to a place that we cry out to Him and let God be God. Could it be possible the Lord has told someone to curse you or to throw dirt and rocks at you? In verse 12 it says “perhaps the Lord will look on my affliction and return good to me instead of his cursing this day.”

We will never get to place where God can use us if we continue to throw a fit and blame others. In jail recently this is what seems to be happening. I ran into a girl, who is so angry, she can’t see God in anything. She seems to be at odds with everyone she comes into contact with. It’s okay to be angry, but it’s not okay to sin while you are doing it. While David could have seemed justified in telling his soldier to cut off the head of Shimei, he forbid him. We could take a lesson from him and realize God might be getting us into a place where we rely on Him to fight our battles.

Photo by Tracey Lewis

Sometimes when I minister in jail there comes along someone that I know. That was the case this time, I will name her Junior. I remember a time when she was faithful, but since then she has become bitter and now she blames other people for her arrest and drug use. It’s someone else’s fault that she did the drugs. She was being followed and set up and that is how she got caught. So, I asked her what part of this is her part. She claimed some responsibility but mostly she says she is a Christian and she loves God. I got the impression she was trying to please God in the flesh and by the law. But what she doesn’t see is that we were never meant to fix things in our life. She will soon learn this lesson like we all do after we have tried and tried and have failed.

In all reality it’s by faith in God that He will accomplish what He set out to do. Jesus didn’t do anything without going to the Father so it is with us. It’s not about handling stress, anger, or suffering, on our own or even being exempt from it. Paul had a thorn in the flesh; he asked God three times, God told Paul, my grace is sufficient. We are meant to depend on God and nothing else works. Jesus says, “learn of me for I am meek and lowly my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” He wants to trade with us. Jesus absorbed our sin on the cross that we might receive His righteousness. We, like David, may arrive weary; we can refresh ourselves in Him. It’s not how we deal with life; it’s that we let Jesus be our life.

Written by Tracey



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