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Nothing is ever wasted with Jesus. I just had a conversation with a guy from my past. I don’t really remember him, but I do remember his sister. His sister was married to a friend of mine several years ago. We all loved to party. When I say party I mean we had very destructive lifestyles in the past. Some of our friends are still in that life, some have died, some are sick in their bodies and paying a dear price for it, and some of us are living, breathing miracles.

Being one of those that are living a miracle I see life as an adventure. It is amazing how God will put people in your path everyday for divine appointments. Today was no different. This guy told me he has been clean for 3 months and is going to AA meetings regularly. We talked of past friends and what has become of them, drug and alcohol abuse, jail, and rehab and how great it is to be sober.

During our conversation I shared with him how some might think they wasted their life but it isn’t true. Everything we have gone through is designed for us to help free someone else. There is absolutely nothing ever wasted with Jesus. He has a way of taking everything we may have messed up and redeeming it. It may be as simple as listening to someone else tell their story.

These are those moments when you know God does in fact ordain our steps. No doubt in my mind I was exactly where I needed to be this morning. “I have wasted my life” seems to be a common thought with most addicts. I’m here to tell you that isn’t true. Everything we go through in life whether its addiction, divorce, jail and etc. is the engine behind ministering to others. We just have to be available.

I have heard it said that intercession will find you. Jesus Christ was the ultimate intercessor. He came here to die our death and be raised again. Since being raised he is now seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. The Holy Spirit, on the other hand, now indwells the believer. If the Holy Spirit is in you and me he is still doing what he does and that is interceding for others–even through us. Our role is to simply rest in the Lord and let him do what he does. He works through us common folks to minister to others. We may never know how God works through us to others and that’s good, because if we did we might get caught up thinking it’s us. The truth is Christ is dwelling in us–ordinary, everyday people.

Written by Louie


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