GOD’S NATURE–by Brian Coatney

Brian Coatney

The Bible says, “God is love” (1 John 4:16), meaning that He made the eternal choice to be self-for-others instead of self-for-self. Evil cannot occur in God, for He eternally swallows up darkness, never manifesting it. How then did darkness come to manifest? A creature had to open up the manifestation of what had never manifested in God and never will be manifest in God.

God has determined creatures to derive their being from Him and operate from freedom, whether they choose to operate from God’s nature or not. Knowing that the fall was coming, God determined freedom anyway in order to accomplish His highest love purposes by paying the ultimate price to restore lost humanity. It’s too late for the devil, though, because he made a fixed choice from his spirit, whereas, humans try to hold on to God and sin at the same time.

When the Bible says that God is love, it means that His nature is the opposite of selfish pride. In Philippians 2 we learn that Jesus Christ was equal with God before the foundation of the world, and yet He emptied Himself, according to the Father’s will, to become a servant. He went from the life of a “have-all” to saying, “I’ll be a have-not for you.” He could not give Himself to us any more willingly and completely than by dying on the Cross for us as the Lamb of God.

God’s whole nature, therefore, is one of giving, for He puts Himself entirely at our disposal: “I’m bread, eat me; I’m living water, drink me; you are lost—drink my blood; come unto me and take.” This is the Ultimate One who submits Himself to our worst in order to save us.

God desires to reproduce His nature in us. So when His Word commands us to submit to others, He only wishes to be in us toward others who He is in Christ toward us. It can sound trite to say, “Giving is its own reward,” but this describes God. And when the Bible says that God is a jealous God, it means that He desires us totally for the right reasons and for our best interests.

God’s nature is one of genuine joy when His children grow in faith and express His indwelling love nature. This is the opposite of the devil’s covetousness and envy that lead to hatred when others have something. God’s grace swallows up looking at people according to all the reasons we think they do not deserve good from God, and His grace keeps us from obsessing about the ways that others fall short in our eyes.

Finally, Jesus Christ is the peace that swallows up the wrath of Satan’s nature. That wrath—kept us once in a personal hell. But peace comes from the nature of Christ in us. Those with minds set on the Spirit experience this peace and all the deeds of righteousness flowing out of that.

Taken from “Did you ever think of this?” by Brian Coatney


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