Photo by Tracey Lewis

She didn’t come to church tonight, I don’t know why; there were thirteen ladies who did. I don’t mind a small crowd because I have learned that God ordains our steps and He picks the people and He touches lives. One girl who sat in the front row got my attention. She sat there, wanting something real in her life. The Holy Spirit was in the room, stirring. The reason I know this is because we were asked to get on our knees and humble ourselves before Him. She got on her knees but never put her face down and tears filled her eyes, but there was an obvious struggle within her.

Later when I was sharing the word; I looked at her, but she wouldn’t look up at me. The more I talked the more they were quiet. I could literally hear crickets in the background. I read to them Romans 5:8-10 about much more then, being now justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him. It goes on to say when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His son, much more being reconciled we shall be saved by His life. WOW, much more. Not just more, but much more.

This reminds me of something that happened to me this week at my new job. A co-worker helped me get some work done so that I could go home by 4:30. I was grateful to her and waited for her to leave with me. She told me she had work that was urgent and had to get done before she went home. It was great that she helped me, but she helped much more by sacrificing her own time so that I could go home on time. She demonstrated God’s heart by giving much more. She has made an imprint in my life that will last for eternity.

I pray that you discover how much we have been forgiven: Our past, present and future sin. Jesus came to set us free. When He died on the cross, he died for ALL our sin. We need to confess our sin which means to agree with God that He is right then He will change us. We were never meant to change ourselves or anyone else, we submit to God but He is the one who does the doing. We can boldly come to the throne of God because of His amazing grace.

I continued to share with them about faith and how we all have been given a measure of faith. We use faith everyday in all sorts of ways. Faith grows stronger and becomes much more than when it began. The girl in the front row glances up for a moment, but then falls again when I mention we are made up of 3 parts; spirit, soul and body.  I asked the girl as she stood in line to leave, how was the service for you tonight? “It was okay,” she answered.

I can’t call her by name, but she came across as mad at the world when I entered into the law box where Joyce was talking to her. I sat across from her, but she wouldn’t make eye contact. There were long pauses of silence as we waited for her to respond to the question, “What has God spoken to you about that situation.” I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but I knew to pray. Then she spoke again but all I could hear was me, I, them, they, mad and I know. She didn’t come to church tonight, but I know God is dealing with her in a serious way. I heard Joyce tell her  “God won’t shut up, or back up. He is large and in charge.” Jesus didn’t just forgive us of all our sin, He gave us His righteousness. He doesn’t leave us just cleaned off; He changes us into a new creature. We are no longer the person we used to be but we’re much more, because we are indwelled by the Holy Spirit.

Written by Tracey


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