The Coffee Connection downtown on Main Street is a great place to share with friends and have a great time. Louie and I set up a time and place to meet a precious lover of God that we have been seeing on Facebook and our blog. She lived near by and agreed to meet us.

We stopped off at Whistle stop shop to get a dozen delicious donuts to have with our coffee. We made arrangements with Wally Bryan on how to work the coffee pot and the lights. We walked in to find a warm and inviting environment. The floors were made to look like wood floors. There was enough furniture to seat plenty of people and privacy if they needed it. While we waited a little bit for our guest to arrive we took a tour of the elongated building. The bathroom was way in the very back of the building. We walked through rooms with open doors with glass chess board games on the tables. There was a puzzle on another table begging to be put together. As we followed the rooms we saw games, books and a music box with CD’s to the side. The pictures that hung on the walls were works of art crafted by local friends we haven’t met yet. There is a room in the back that they use for jobs for life program which looks like a board room.

The light poured in through the windows at the front of the shop where we could watch the people walk by as the aroma of fresh coffee filled the air as our guest arrived. We talked freely and learned about our walks with the Lord. As we talked and looked around we read the sign that told of tasty drinks like hot chocolate, hot tea, snacks, and at the bottom of the sign it read we are on “common grounds”. The Coffee Connection works on donations and volunteers alone, so it’s up to the people who come here to keep it alive and take care of it. That is exactly what we did and would invite you to come and see it, bring your friends, your laptop and an appetite for enjoyment. It is a great place for coffee, conversation and connections.

Tracey                                   CLICK IMAGES BELOW FOR A CLOSER LOOK


4 thoughts on “COFFEE CONNECTION

  1. Beautiful pictures and beautifully described. God bless. BTW, I see you are writers. I don’t know if you’re interested but I belong to an online writers’ group It’s free and is very encouraging.

  2. We have enjoyed viewing your Blog. We are learning about blogging at Trigg County Middle School. We appreciate what you are doing. Be encouraged!!

    • Thank you so much Denise. I am amazed everyday how, in the times we live in, it’s possible to touch so many with such ease. What a great tool the internet can be!
      Thanks again for your wonderful comments of encouragement,

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