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Some people can’t understand why the only thing I want to talk about is Christ. They will say things like “There is more to life than God.” Wow! Are you kidding me? There are an astounding number of people who love racing, football, golf, eating, sex and etc. The only thing people want to talk about is what they love, right?

Jesus said, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” I hear it everyday. The things we love tend to spill over into our conversations don’t they? Sometimes I hear people talking about something, and I think to myself, “How can they even care about that?” At the same time this is how I gain insight about where there heart is. The same person that says, “There is more to life than God” will never stop talking about sports. They loooove sports and want everyone to know about it.

While there is nothing at all wrong with enjoying sports I tend to think in terms of will this matter in the long run or is this just a castle in the sand? There was a time in my life when I never thought about consequences or even why I did what I did. After being born again I started to think in terms of value. What is this activity I am engaged in really worth? In the short term maybe nothing, but in eternity the results could be astronomical.

Whatever it is that we focus on now could determine our eternal destiny. If we live our lives only for the here and now we may find ourselves empty handed throughout eternity. Jesus told us to “store up for yourselves treasure in heaven.” I have come to the conclusion we do this by loving others. I know it may sound too simple but hear me out. If we love everything temporal in this world we will have lost it after we’re gone. On the other hand, if we invest our thoughts, time and efforts toward others they will go on into eternity with us. People are created for eternity, but things such as phones, cars, houses, golf clubs, television, careers and etc. will not be going.

Some might ask, “What do you hope to gain by writing this?” I would tell them my hope is they stop for a few minutes today and evaluate their time a little. Ask yourself this question; is what I am spending most of my time on really going to matter in eternity? Seriously, it seems as though the things we get distracted by are not even going to matter later today much less in eternity.

To wrap this up let me say this, when I used to love drugs and alcohol all I thought about was drugs and alcohol. My thoughts were always focused on the party. When the time came to partake you didn’t have to tell me twice. In fact I would probably be the one telling you. Now, since God saw fit to intervene in my life, I can’t think of anything else worth my thought life or time than to seek a deeper understanding of him and what he wants in my life. What, or should I say who, do you love?

Written by Louie


4 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU LOVE?

  1. Louie,
    I got a mental image of God looking like Kojac saying, “Who loves you baby?” Then I started thinking about all the ways He loves me–a nice home, a wonderful wife and helpmate, three good and grown children, reliable transportation, regular meals, spiritual friends/accountability partners, steady income and His Son…how can a child NOT love in return a loving Father and a Big Brother who shows The Way more than UK basket ball?
    Hairy Larry

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