morning at P.A.C.S.Each week God puts on my heart something from His word to talk about at the jail. This week I studied 2 different things, but it was never confirmed in my spirit. I am constantly seeking after God’s heart, so it’s not like I’m not listening, but this week nothing was obvious. Sometimes God will do that or He’ll give it at the last minute (to us it seems like the last minute). This week was my last week at PACS so there was a lot of good-byes going on. So I told of this one guy who I had witnessed to when I first started the job.

At that time he was saying he could not know if he would go to heaven or not, nobody could know. So I asked him if he knew when he was born or where he lived, he answered yes, he knew those things. Why is it then we can’t know where we will spend eternity, I asked. My last day I reminded him of that

Women of Hope

conversation with the reply that I had bought everyone a doughnut today (it was an example) they were fresh, warm and soft. There was one for everyone in the building, but not everyone was going to receive one. I compared that to Jesus and how He died on the cross for everyone to have salvation, but not everyone receives Him or takes Him into them. He shook his head in agreement as I was speaking. His response was that he was saved and he believes in God, but God makes him nervous. I stressed to him that God is love, not condemnation. That is what I shared with the ladies in jail along with a couple of other stories.

The stories were to express that our focus is on Christ and Him alone. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. A young lady in the front row spoke up and said she just got it. “You just answered a question I have had for 15 years.” Tears welled up in my eyes as I know it is God who is revealing Himself to her. I continued to express how we are the body and Jesus is the head, we are one with the other. The body goes with the head wherever the head is, they are not separate.

In addition to that story, I told them of my trip to Jackson. Tennessee and how God is working in the lives of the “Women of Hope” rehab house who used to be addicted to drugs. I explained that we are all addicted to something because we were made to follow, be inhabited and depend on Jesus Christ, but we run, hide or cover up instead of running to the one who can free us.

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I went on to tell them of how a caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly, yet we don’t see a butterfly and say, “look at the beautiful caterpillar flying around.” Why? Because while it’s inside the cocoon a  miraculous transformation  takes place. There is a transition in the heart, antennae, in the reproductive organ, legs, eyes, changes in the shape of the brain, and the digestive system changes from eating vegetation to eating nectar. It is truly a miracle just as it is when we are born again and God transforms us into a new creature. There really is a metamorphosis that happens, not only in the butterfly, but also in a person’s life. It happened in mine and the lives of many who tell the story of what Jesus has done and is doing each and everyday.

Have you heard of the expression, you are what you eat? When we receive Jesus into us, everything changes, our desires change, our diet changes and we are being changed from glory to glory. It’s a transformation that will cause you to tell your story.

Written by Tracey


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