A letter to Norman Grubb

The following is an excerpt taken from Norman Grubb’s book “God Unlimited.” It is part of a series of correspondence letters to Norman sharing some wonderful enlightenment. I know you will be blessed by this.

“July 3. God has been opening up more in Ephesians about the life of sharing the throne with Christ. The key to me is in the first chapter ‘to usward who believe.’ It may not hold much to others, but to me it is like an open door of a vast dominion-to us who act in accordance with these facts that we are really delivered out of Satan’s authority into the kingdom of His Son and share His authority. I see that God has to use shadows to reveal the invisible which is the real Substance. We tend to hold on to the shadows and thereby miss the Substance.

In meditating in Romans 6 on how the old man is out, the new man helpless in 7 and Christ in us in 8, I was thinking how the illusions are so contrary, just like in physical life. If a person gets his tonsils out, he says his tonsils hurt (how can tonsils hurt if they are out?). If one gets an arm or foot or any other member cut off, the person usually complains that the limb which is cut off hurts him, and he says it until death. Illusions, are they not? When we get cut off in Christ’s death with the circumcision not made with hands, we have had quite a severe operation. What illusions we have and quite painful, but they are illusions.

It is a marvelous truth that Christ is living His own life in us. It has come to me just very slowly, but it is a fact and not feeling. I realize that there are those who feel His presence constantly, but He has not been pleased to manifest Himself to me that way. I find that He will manifest Himself through me rather than to me.”


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