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The way of the world and the way of God is almost always opposite. I have a friend who says the world’s philosophy is “Get all you can, can all you get and sit on the can!” On the other hand God’s philosophy is giving all you can!

Jesus said something that sounds pretty profound to the uninitiated in Luke 6:38. He said, “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” Wow! There it is. Jesus says the way to get is by giving. Sounds silly on the surface doesn’t it? I mean aren’t we suppose to squirrel away what we can to have it later? I thought of this verse recently because God brought something to my memory from ten years ago. I used to have a full time job and deliver newspapers in the afternoons too. It seemed as though I kept seeing this homeless guy every afternoon at about the same place and time. One day I felt a nudge in my spirit to stop and talk with him. I saw him looking in a garbage can, and he was directly in my path, so I pulled over. I said “Hi, if I offered to give you some money would you take it?” He sort of shook his head and quietly said “yes.” I looked in my wallet and was sort of embarrassed to find I didn’t have very much money. I knew I had to give him what I had, so I pulled out the meager four dollars and handed it to him. Like I said, I was a little bit embarrassed that it wasn’t more and I told him so. He took it and thanked me. The reason I’m telling you this is because immediately after I drove away from him to go to my next stops something amazing happened. The very next two or three houses I went to had tip-money taped to their doors. It ended up being sixteen dollars. I couldn’t believe it! I gave that man four dollars and just minutes later I had sixteen. I knew it was God’s way of saying, “you did the right thing.” I gave and God gave it back fourfold immediately! Disclaimer: I’m not saying God is always going to do this sort of thing. I was a new believer, and I think it was a way for God to say to me, “Just trust me.”

There is yet another story that God enlightened me about that just took place with my wife Tracey. She applied for a job, and recently she received a phone call telling her she was hired. Now that’s great news, but let me tell you a little back story on this. Close to twenty years now my wife and I have been banking at the same bank. My wife has a way of making friends with the tellers. She has even gone as far as give them flowers from time to time. She apparently made an impression on one lady, because she has been very instrumental in getting her hired at this same bank. Just as when I gave that guy four dollars and I immediately received sixteen. My wife gave kindness and joy over the past twenty years and now it has come back to her. She never had any thoughts or desires to work at a bank. God has blessed her now twenty plus years later with a great job opportunity, but it is partly because she is a blessing to everyone she comes in contact with. God’s word is true. If we give we will receive not the other way around. Jesus is teaching us a very important lesson in Luke 6:38. He is sharing one of the laws of the kingdom. The kingdom of God works on the rule of give, give and give. What you give is what you get. He has a plan, and He has our back don’t worry.

Written by Louie



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