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I once heard someone say, God was lonely and that’s why he created man. Let’s think about this for a minute shall we? A lonely God means this God is needy, correct? If this God is lonely, and therefore needy, then it means he is lacking in some way. If he is lacking in some way how can he be God? There must be someone else there to fulfill his needs. There seems to be a misunderstanding of who God is or else someone hasn’t thought this through.

The Bible tells us God is love. Love is by its very nature something that requires at the least two parties. There can’t be love unless there is someone to be loved by the one doing the loving. So we find out right away there is a mystery in God.

Most people that believe the Bible to be the word of God will tell you God is a Trinity. The word Trinity however does not appear in the Bible, and therefore some would argue whether God is a Trinity or not. I would like to bring to your attention that the word Bible doesn’t appear in the Bible either, and yet we know it’s real don’t we?

I believe that God is made up of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In the beginning even before God created anything they were there, the three of them, in a loving relationship with one another. I believe they were content, fulfilled and in no way were they lonely. The Father has always been pleased with the Son, and the Holy Spirit has always been fascinated and fixated with the Son. If you were to hear a conversation between the three of them I bet it would go something like this.

Father –“This is my Son in whom I am well pleased.”

Son –“I don’t do anything on my own; I only do what I see the Father doing.”

The Holy Spirit to the Son– “You are so good!”

Son –“Oh no there is only one good and that’s the Father.”

Father– “This is my Son listen to him.”

Spirit –“I would never speak on my own; I would only speak what I hear.”

This Triune God of love is always for others. After all that is what love is isn’t it? Love means you would go to any length for the other person. This is in fact what God has done. He loves us so much he even sent his only begotten Son here to die, not only for us but as us. He literally took us in to him on the cross so we might be crucified with him. We now can walk in newness of life which is a life not unlike his. 1 John says, “As He is, so also are we in this world.” Once we are joined to God by way of the Holy Spirit, because of Christ, he begins to transform us. We are in Union with this Triune God; therefore we start to love as he loves. We begin to put others needs before our own. I’m telling you when you start to see that type of transformation in someone you will know it’s the personality of God himself shining through. We will no longer seek our own good but rather the good of others first. We will find our fulfillment in God and our desire will be for others to do the same.

Written by Louie


2 thoughts on “GOD IS LOVE–NOT LONELY

  1. Jay-Louie,
    So God is the Thinker, the Planner while Jesus is the Creator, the Builder and the Holy Spirit is the Advertizer, the Praiser. And what is planned, created and praised is the manifold expression of Love.

    Some think all souls were created at the same time by the Corporate Planner-Creator-Praiser. If soul is spirit and spirit fills a container maybe where God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit reside is a Huge Holy Container of Love.

    What if soul/spirit rebelled like human containers do? What if Corporate Planner-Creator-Praiser responded in Tough Love? What if soul/spirit ran away from the Holy Container of Love to the newly created Earth which had no Holy Container of Love place yet to reside. What if Corporate Planner-Creator-Praiser created two containers Adam and Eve so soul/spirit had a Little Holy Container of Love to reside in while a Restoration Process was put in place…

    You know what? I think I had too much sausage and gravy for supper and its working on my mind!

    Hairy Larry

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