Our very premise is wrong if we think that our first father could have resisted temptation. If he could, we can. But can we? Is not that our problem and failure, until we learn that the way to meet temptation is by recognizing the One in us, and not by struggling against it ourselves? We start mixed-up, if we start by thinking that the Garden of Eden was a scene of probation to try men out. God is no such experimenter, dangling men on a string to see how they will react. God knows our frame that we are but dust, and He only puts us through absolutely necessary grades of education that we may learn, even as the Son Himself had to “learn obedience (recognition of His Father in action in Him) through the things which he suffered (temptations)”; and thus we can become eternally free, healthy, happy cooperators with God, knowing exactly who He is and who we are, and loving the relationship.

Taken from “God Unlimited” by Norman Grubb


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