Gracie Renea

At precisely 12:14 p.m. on February 7, 2012 there was a precious 8 lb 3 oz , 20 ½ inch long little girl born into the world as my great niece, named Gracie Renea. As I laid eyes on her, my heart filled up with so much love. Many thoughts came to mind as I pondered her first couple of hours breathing the air we both now share. I was thinking of how we will laugh together and pretend together so we can laugh some more. She didn’t say a word while I was looking at her, she didn’t really look at me at all, and she probably didn’t know I was there, but that’s okay because just got here today.

I have dreams of what she will be some day and who she will become. How she will view life and what will she think is funny. One thing I know for sure and that is God has a precious plan for her life. He loves her so much; He gave His only begotten Son for her to have eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. For such a time as this, Gracie was born. We don’t know what God has in store for her. It may be awesome, it may be strange, and it may be phenomenal. Our steps are ordained by God from the very start. I get to be here for Gracie’s.

I remember back to my beginnings and how my mom said to God that “she’s yours”. So looking back on my life I see how God ordained each event that sculpted me into a minister at Christian County Jail and a Sunday school teacher. It took the harsh reality of divorce, separation from my birth dad, the rules of Christian school and parents with discipline too hard to bear. Not one time as I was going through this, did I think, “oh good, God is shaping me into a minister for Him.” I had to go through the hard knocks for me to trust Him a little at a time. Now, it’s easy to depend on Him.

There was a time in my life that I taught a Christian etiquette class for young ladies. It was one of the most fun times in my life. There are many girls who remind me of what they learned. Being with Gracie today reminded me the poem I wrote


Jesus scooped you up

laid you in my hands,

For me to tell you of His plans.

Now the rest is up to you

How you live and what you do.

I am here to love you all,

To pick you up when you fall,

That’s all right and that’s okay,

We learn from life that way,

So you go on and do your best,

Letting God do the rest.

***** I had this poem published in a book and dedicated it to the Lord who gave it to me and the teenage girl class I taught.

Gracie is going to grow up and make mistakes, she is going to on purpose disobey, but God already loves her before she does one thing wrong. That is who God is, merciful, and full of grace. He already knows we are going to mess up and He loves us anyway. Our children mess up and we forgive them, dust them off and let them try again. God’s love is not based on our behavior; it’s based on us being his children because of what Jesus did on the cross. Be very sure of the fact God has a plan, we don’t know what it is or how it will happen, but there is a plan. We have the choice to trust God or not, but it doesn’t change the fact that things are still going to happen. No matter what, she will always belong to God. I say this about Gracie just like my mom said to God a long time ago, “She’s yours.”

Written by Tracey


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