Ghost in the machine album by The Police

I grew up listening to rock ‘n’ roll music. As a matter of fact I still love rock ‘n’ roll. While there is an element of Christianity that will claim it is the devil’s music, and some rightly so; I sometimes hear the voice of truth from within it, and every now and then it is quite profound.

The prophets of old would speak up about what they saw was wrong in society and the times they lived in, and thank God sometimes we have musicians of our day doing the same. Now most of the songs I will reference came from my youth, so you would be correct if you said to me “that’s not of our day.” Please just bear with me, and see if you don’t agree; you may be surprised at what you find.

Just the other day I heard a song from the band “the Police” from the early eighties called “spirits in the material world.” I was amazed at what I was hearing. I don’t think I ever stopped to listen to the lyrical content of the song before. Let me share just a portion of it with you.

“There is no political solution
to our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
There is no bloody revolution”

“we are spirits in the material world”

The Moody Blues Question of Balance album cover art

As I listened to this song I became aware that what Sting, the lead singer, was saying was that we as spirit beings, living in a material world, are not going to find the answers to the big questions in the material realm. Wow! I don’t even know if he understands how profound that is or not. He may or may not know Christ but he knows we are meant for something much more than what we see in the here and now.

The next example I found was from a group who were big in the seventies. “The Moody Blues” wrote an amazing song describing what all of us as humans go through at one time or the other. The song is simply titled “Question” and here are a few of the lyrics.

“Why do we never get an answer
When we’re knocking at the door?
With a thousand million questions
About hate and death and war.

It’s where we stop and look around us
There is nothing that we need.
In a world of persecution
That is burning in it’s greed.”

You’ve got to love this! Right here in the lyrics of this classic rock song is a man on a search for answers. Jesus himself told us to ask, seek and knock. Of course if you keep listening to the rest of the song it isn’t clear if he finds the answer or not, but the point is he is searching. The worst thing in the world is someone that is content to not even seek. I have discovered God is able to handle our doubts, fears and questions, but he can’t do anything with us if we are not curious enough to ask. One thing is for certain the writer of the “Question” understood he needed his life changed and it would take a miracle.

“I’m looking for someone to change my life.
I’m looking for a miracle in my life.
And if you could see what it’s done to me
To lose the the love I knew
Could safely lead me through.”

To wrap this up, I’m not saying that all rock songs contain spiritual guidance or they all even have a spiritual element in them. What I am saying though is sometimes these songs are saying more than what appears on the surface. If we are honest with ourselves what we are all looking for in life is love. God is love and we are made from and for love. The problem with most is we, like Johnny Lee, are looking for love in all the wrong places. I couldn’t resist ending with these lyrics written by Waylon Jennings.

“I was looking for love in all the wrong places
Looking for love in too many faces
Searching your eyes, looking for traces
Of what… I’m dreaming of…
Hopin’ to find a friend and a lover
God bless the day I discover
Another heart, lookin’ for love”

Written by Louie


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