Tanks, Wheelbarrows and Vacuums

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One would ask what these three have in common; the answer is they are illustrations that point us to the truth of God. The tank is a picture of how the soldier is safe inside shooting at the enemy. When the firing stops, the soldier can hear a ping, then another ping and yet another one. He moves the barrel to shoot toward the sound of the ping, but it misses. It gets quiet again until he hears ping ping ping, spinning around to take a shot at the enemy, it stops again. Curious and tempted, he opens the hatch, sticks his head out and BANG, the soldier gets shot in the head and dies. It’s a picture of how the enemy gets us to react to external situations, but if we stay inside in the safety of Jesus Christ, we live. The enemy is on the outside tempting us to (get angry) sin and get us distracted.

The wheelbarrow is an illustration of trusting God so much that we get inside the wheelbarrow as the operator is balancing on a tight rope over the Niagara Falls. It’s easy to watch the man with the wheelbarrow go across the Niagara Falls pushing a wheelbarrow, until he asks you to get in. That’s a picture of

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true faith in God.

The final illustration is the vacuum, and it’s an inmate telling us how she talks and listens to God while she vacuums. She threatens those who touch her vacuum; because she values her time with Him and says she can vacuum for hours.

Last week we spoke of Esther and how Haman had deceived the king in order to obtain power to pass a law that would bring an end to all the Jewish people. Any law the King puts into place could not be changed. It’s called the Law of the Meads and Persians. Esther was born for such a time as this to save the Jewish people. Another law was put into place to enable the Jewish people to pick up arms and defend themselves. Nobody would come against them because there were too many of them.

Google imagesThinking of the law of the Meads and Persians we discussed how God is also a King and his word is law. He had what we call the Old Testament or Law and now through Christ he gave us his New Testament which is characterized by grace. “The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” Rather than do away with his old law God simply introduced a new one. Romans 8:2 tells us, “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death.” This new law of the Spirit didn’t do away with the old law it simply superseded it. Now that we walk after the Spirit we have no need of a law telling us how we are to be pleasing to God.

In conclusion, God can use anything as a picture to show us what He wants even if it’s a tank, wheelbarrow or just to vacuum the floors to spend time with Him.

Written by Tracey


2 thoughts on “Tanks, Wheelbarrows and Vacuums

  1. I thought at first I was going to have to get into the vacuum, but I see that I get into the Spirit and then get into the vacuuming.
    That’s a great point about the new and higher law.


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