I just spent an hour in jail, but it may not be what you’re thinking. I went there to share my testimony and the Word of God with about thirty men. The sign up sheet went around while I shared with them what Jesus Christ has done in my life. Several of the men have heard my testimony before, but some had not; so I gave them a condensed version. Telling your testimony can be the most important thing you can say to someone. Because people can always argue about the Bible and interpretations, but they can’t deny or argue about what’s happened in your life.

In addition to sharing my testimony I also taught them about how we humans are made of three parts- spirit, soul and body. I read them Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Using primarily this verse I showed them soul and spirit are definitely two different things.

There is a fascinating lesson here I read in a quote by Norman Grubb. It’s as follows, “Paul simply likens it to the difference in our bodies between joints and marrow. Marrow is the life of the bones. Marrow is likened to our inner spirit— union where our selves are joined to His Self, and from which our new life flows. Joints are the means by which the marrow—life operates in outer form. They give flexibility. So our spirit joined to His Spirit, where our knowing who we are is the permanent flow, expresses itself by our outer forms of soul.
The soul, like the joints, gives outer emotional expression to our spirit—love, and mental reasoning’s and explanations give expression to our inner spirit—knowing. Thus, soul emotions and reasoning’s are of vital value to our Christ manifestation, but can equally be penetrated and assaulted by Satan on either feeling or thought levels. A great many of our unsolved problems find their answers as we continually differentiate between soul reactions and spirit—fixed—condition and replace the soul disturbances by recognition of our true being as He. Spirit is like the sea —— total and beyond disturbance. Soul is like the restless waves, but we are like the sea. So also is the difference in this verse between “thoughts” (variable soul level, good or bad) and “intents” (fixed spirit—life purpose).”

In conclusion I told them God created us to be joined to him spirit to Spirit. In this way we, in our spirit, are to hear from God and let the Spirit take the lead in telling the soul and body what to do. Our problem occurred when Adam disobeyed God. He lost connection to the Spirit and the order of his life, and subsequently ours, was flipped upside down. We became ruled by our bodies and souls to the neglect of our spirit. This is precisely why we need to be born again. We had to have God’s Spirit placed into our spirit in order for us to function in the manner God intended.

All in all I think most of the guys were helped tonight. One of them even said out loud in front of everyone “We needed this, we need more teaching like this, and we need our minds renewed.” I agreed and thanked them for listening. As we all stood to pray before leaving one of the guys on the front row asked me if he could close us in prayer. Usually I don’t like to let one of them do this because it sometimes causes jealousy or other problems between them, but tonight I thought it seemed right. I told him he could, and he prayed for everyone in the jail, their spouses, children and court cases. I have no doubt God was in the service tonight.

Written by Louie


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