Meet Miriam

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“We have a visitor tonight and her name is Miriam; we ask you to come and have a seat. Tell us about yourself.” “Thank you for inviting me; most people know me as Moses’ sister.” Yes, and you also have a brother named Aaron? Yes.

“I remember when Moses was born, but we didn’t know that was his name until later, all we knew was he was beautiful and he never made a peep the first 3 months he was here. You see, I was around five years old at the time. Our people, the Hebrew, were in slavery to the Egyptian people. We had been in captivity for a long time and it was a bitter time to be alive. Matter of fact, It was a time of rebellion, not mine, you understand, but a time to stand up. The Pharaoh, who was commander, was a harsh man, and He felt there were too many of us and was afraid of our numbers so he started having the boy babies killed. The problem with that was the midwives wouldn’t listen to pharaoh and let some of them live. My mom and I devised a plan to put my baby brother into a basket and send him down the Nile just as the princess was coming to bathe, like she always did. I kept watch over him until the pharaohs’ daughter’s hand maiden picked him up out of the reeds. Boy, he sure was crying up a storm. I came running and asked if she wanted me to find a Hebrew mother to nurse him. She said yes and even gave my mom money to feed him. Most people don’t remember that part of the story. I knew God had a call on my life, even at an early age. Well, Moses grew and he started living with the princess at her house with the Pharaoh. I didn’t get to see Moses that much, but I did try to play at the same playground so I might see him.”

“One day, I heard about an Egyptian they found in the sand, he was dead; nobody knows who did it, but then the next day I heard a couple of Hebrew men fighting, and Moses was there to break it up. That’s when I heard Pharaoh wanted to put Moses to death for the killing of the Egyptian. We didn’t hear from Moses for about 40 years after that. I heard later that he ran into the dessert seeking refuge.”

“The next thing I know, he is married to Zipporah, who isn’t a Hebrew, but a Cushite woman. Not sure what that is all about, but he met her while he was in the desert. I also found out I gained a nephew out of the deal. The most shocking thing, though, was Moses told us that he was going to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt if Aaron, my other brother, would talk on his behalf before the Pharaoh. I know Moses stutters when he gets nervous, but Aaron is really good at that kind of stuff. So God delivers us through the pleading of Moses and we get out of dodge while we still can because we know the Pharaoh will change his mind if we don’t hurry.”

“As God opened up the Red Sea and we all got over safely, God gave me a song to sing. It was so great seeing all the women dancing and praising God with tambourines, about how he saved us from bondage and from Pharaoh. “Is that why they call you a prophetess, I asked?” “No, God gave me that title because I hear from him and speak on his behalf.”

“There was this particular time when I messed up real bad. My whole attitude was wrong, I knew I shouldn’t have said it, but I did.” “What did you say, Miriam?” “Well, Aaron and I were talking one day, I was upset with Moses and his wife, Zipporah, and it came out….” “How is it you are the only one who can hear from God?”

“The three of us were called into the tent of meeting, God stood in the doorway and asked for Aaron and me to step forward, and when God left in the pillar of cloud, there I stood as white as snow, full of leprosy head to toe. It scared me so bad, I knew I messed up. My brother, Moses who is faithful, falls on his face immediately and pleads to God on my behalf. I was so humbled by the whole thing. It changed me forever. I was outside the camp for 7 miserable days.” “What was going on in your heart during that time?” “I felt like such a fool, but I reached out to God and He changed me. I thought the children of Israel would leave me out there to die, but they didn’t, they waited on me until God healed me. Moses had a really good relationship with the Lord, and I learned to let him lead us as he listened to God. Now, I trust God with my whole being.” “Wow, Miriam, thank you for being with us today and sharing your life with us. We really learned a lot about how to trust God and not get caught letting our emotions drive us.”

Scripture found in Exodus 2, Numbers 12, and Exodus 15:19-21 she died in Numbers 20:1

Written by Tracey


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