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God spoke to me concerning my union with Him during my most difficult physical trial to date. In 1994 I was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer. I said, “What’s going on, Lord? What’s this all about?”

He began to minister to me. I sensed His voice saying, “Nothing’s changed. I already knew you had cancer. The only thing that has changed is you found out what I knew.” According to my son-in-law, a doctor, I had probably had cancer quite a while because it had metastasized from my colon to my liver.

But God had more things to say to me. He said, “Nothing has changed, because I’ve always loved you. I’m loving you now. And I will continue to love you.”

And He said this: “You’re going to get everything done that I want you to get done.” That’s what I heard in my spirit.

I spent a couple of days in the hospital convalescing, thinking about these things, and seeking the Lord about them. After a while it’s as if the question arose within me from Him: “Now, where are you going to live? Are you going to live in ‘my body has cancer’? Or are you going to live in the Spirit?”

“I’m going to live in the Spirit,” I replied. And God showed me again what it meant to be in union with Him.

He said to me, impressing upon my spirit, “Who are you in union with?”

“I’m in union with You,” I answered.

“Well, who am I?”

“You are the uncreated One. You are before time, and You are after time is over.”

That’s the internal conversation I was having with the Lord. When you and He talk like that, you know to whom you’re talking and from whom you’re hearing.

“That’s right. That’s who I am. And you are joined to Me, aren’t you?”


“So that means you don’t have an end, either. You’re a part of My family.” I said to myself, “That’s whom I am in union with. And cancer can’t touch that. Cancer can’t touch the real me, or Him in me. Outside, I may have cancer. But inside I have the Living God, with whom I am one.”

Taken from “The Rest of the Gospel” by Dan Stone and Greg Smith


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