Meet Bathsheba

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Bathsheba, I want you to meet the Sunshine Report readers. Sunshine readers, this is Bathsheba. Tell us what it was like in those days when the King saw you bathing.  Did you know he was there and not at war like the rest of the army? What did you think when he asked you to come to the royal palace? I am sure that he wined and dined you. Did King David’s attention toward you make you forget about Uriah and that’s why you slept with him? I don’t mean any disrespect. I could only imagine what it must have been like to live in Jerusalem. I love the part when God restored you, Bathsheba. The loss of your husband in battle must have devastated you. Not only did you lose your husband, but you lost yours and David’s child also. It must have been a difficult thing to go through. We can relate this to things in our own lives, can’t we? There was a time in my life that I lied and schemed to get my own way rather than what my parents wanted for me. I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway. Later, I learned from the pain and consequences, which is what I hear you saying too. Well, thank you Bathsheba for sharing with us the time in your life when God gave you a second son, named Solomon. He made you and David proud, didn’t he? He was known as the wisest king in Israel. Your story gives us hope in God. We know we have consequences to pay, but God loves us enough to give us another chance. For some of us it’s not just a second chance, but it has been several. This whole story is recorded in 2 Samuel 11&12 if you would like to read it for yourself.

Being able to come to the jail and watch God work miracles is a privilege and honor to witness. I praise Him for who He is and how we can depend on Him and that nothing takes Him by surprise. He ordains our steps and many will testify that God saved their lives by them being in jail. We had a girl say out loud about how we are promised that we will go through trials, yet we put more on ourselves and how dumb that is. We all laughed because it’s true. Another girl said she wanted to sing a song, wow! what a voice. She sang from her heart;”I’m still holding on to your (God’s) hand. When she sat down, she just cried, rubbing her eyes and rocking back and forth. She knew God used her voice to touch the rest of us and it was powerful. Then we heard from Smokey Robinson on video singing, “I need you right now…. Trials in your life make you strong.” All the girls love Smokey and always request this song because He points us to Jesus and how we can’t do anything on our own.

After Margo, JoAnna, Joyce and I left the service, and there were many girls who wanted one on one council. We split them up as the Holy Spirit led. It always amazes me how it works out as if I wasn’t there. A 19yr old girl from Georgia talked to me through her tears. She is reading the book of Matthew and had many questions. After hearing them, I could understand the confusion. Things like “Do not commit adultery, but I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Another one was, fasting and when to keep it a secret. The questions kept coming one after the other; the steady answer was pointing to Jesus. It truly is about him and what he did on the cross. Jesus said, “It is finished.” He died for ALL of our sins, not the ones we pick and choose or think are too hard for God to forgive. We are thankful for the complete work Jesus did on our behalf; I know Bathsheba agrees with that. We thank you for being with us today.

Written by Tracey


6 thoughts on “Meet Bathsheba

  1. Everyone of the girls in prison is a princess. That is the first step believing against appearances with faith as small as a mustered seed. But then their faith will grow, and they’ll start to learn the secrets, the greatest is the Secret of Life; Christ in them, as them.
    Then comes an even more amazing secret…that there is no male or female; but CHRIST is ALL and in ALL. Therefore, they are a kings! By virtue of the fact that the KING of kings resides in them. Love.

  2. So many times the Bible tells the stories from the perspective of the male in the story, which is the case of King David and Bathsheba. I’ve never thought of how she felt losing her son, and how she must have felt being pregnant again, and then having King Solomon as her son. Thanks for sheding light on this story in a new way! And, thanks for sharing it with my sisters in Christ who are in jail.

    • I like to imagine what it was like for her and how we can relate to her experience. I have seen in my own life things that happened to her and I know the girls in jail have too. These are real people in the bible, but we often see them as stories.

  3. I wish more 19 year olds would read the book of Matthew and have many questions. But then, when I was 19, I was busy dong my thing. It didn’t work, and so eventually I too had many questions.

    On Bathsheba, that’s interesting. I’ve always considered her more of a victim who was manhandled by the king. I’m wondering how she could have made a stand, and she probably wished later that she had if she didn’t.

    Yet it’s true that the passage doesn’t say that David raped her. Looking at Uriah we see that though David plied him with alcohol, he maintained his spirit to keep to his resolution. Again, the passage doesn’t really say how David got his way with her, but neither does it say that he forced her. I’m sure it was flattering for a lonely military wife at home, married to a soldier, to be desired by one such as King David. That could be very self inflating.

    She doesn’t seem to have disclosed much at the jail when she visited, but then I understand the saying, “What’s shared here stays here.”


    • Bathsheba was a little shy this time at the jail. No, seriously, I hesitated to put words in her mouth, but I loved getting to know her and looking at how it must have been for her.

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