We are told to walk by faith and not by sight. This is because things are not always as they seem. One instance of how things are not as they seem is found in the ninth chapter of the book of Acts. After Saul met Jesus on the road to Damascus he was blind for three days. There was a disciple at Damascus named Ananias, and the Lord told him to go and lay hands on Saul that he might receive his sight. Ananias had heard how Saul had been given authority to lock up believers in Jesus. He must have been fearful to go and see this evil man, but he, by faith, obeyed what the Lord told him. Everything in Ananias told him to stay away from Saul, but what do you think might have happened if he did? Saul was God’s chosen vessel to share the mysteries of the gospel to the Gentiles and to write most of the New Testament. If Ananias hadn’t made the choice to walk by faith and help Saul things may have turned out quite differently.

The Prodigal son story found in Luke fifteen shows us another instance of how things are not always as they seem. After the son had blown his inheritance on wild living he found himself working for a man and feeding his pigs. In verses 16&17 we find a very curious statement it says, “No man gave unto him….. And when he came to himself.” Interesting isn’t it? This is a young man we probably would have had compassion on and would have reached out to help all we could. Notice though, no man gave unto him…..he came to himself. I wonder if these two things go together. If people had been there to care for him do you think he would have come to himself? Sometimes the only way we come to ourselves is when we are left all alone to wrestle with the grit and stench of reality. We all have to arise and present ourselves to the Father as a slave, or we will never qualify to be a son.

To sum it all up, it seems that sometimes the very people we are called to help are the ones we are afraid of or just don’t like. At other times the ones we love, or are drawn to, may be the ones we need to stop giving our time and money to. Walking by faith is a learned behavior, and sometimes we learn it the hard way. It is true– things are not always as they seem, and what we call help; God may call hindrance.

Written by Louie



  1. That’s a good point about what might have happened if people in the far country had given to the prodigal son. I’ve been thinking about this point lately, how it is that many changes I’m not open to unless I am forced to press through. B

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