You can only run for so long until you are confronted with the truth. Now according to the scriptures Jesus is the truth. I guess that is why many people believe the man Jacob wrestled with until daybreak was a pre-incarnate Christ. This story is found in the book of Genesis chapter 32; it tells us that Jacob was alone and he wrestled with a man until daybreak. The man couldn’t seem to overpower him so he dislocated Jacob’s hip. Jacob being the persistent man that he was wouldn’t let him go until he blessed him. Now this is where it gets interesting. The man asks Jacob what his name is and Jacob responds “Jacob.” You might

be saying what’s so interesting about that? The answer lies in the not so distant past found in the 27th chapter of Genesis where Jacob’s troubles began.

Jacob and his mother Rebekah hatched a plan for Jacob to steal the blessing from his father Isaac. Jacob had a brother named Esau and he was in line to receive the blessing from Isaac, but Jacob outsmarted them both. With the help of Rebekah Jacob fooled Isaac into giving him the blessing that should have gone to Esau. He did this by dressing up and pretending to be Esau. Look at Genesis 27:18-19 and you will see the importance in a name. Jacob came to his father, now blind, and tricked him. Isaac asked him who are you? Jacob said to his father, “I am Esau your firstborn; …please bless me”. Now we can see the connection, Jacob may have fooled his earthly father out of a blessing, but he sure wasn’t going to fool his heavenly father out of one.

Once having tricked his father Isaac, he started a life on the run from his brother Esau. Jacob lived in fear of him and his own conscience until that fateful night. When he found himself wrestling with a man who asked him what his name was and the wrestling continued until Jacob was honest with himself and God.

You see it is only when we find ourselves alone, scared and too tired to pretend anymore that we are honest with ourselves and God. He wanted the man (God) to bless him, but the only way God would bless Jacob was if he came clean and admitted who he truly was. He could no longer live his life pretending to be someone he wasn’t. Jacob is like all the rest of us, he was confident in his own ability and for the most part handled everything that came his way with cunning and fast feet. Eventually, like Jacob, we find ourselves alone with God and have to be broken and honest with him before we can proceed any further. I guess the moral of the story is its okay to wrestle with the truth just remember: the truth never changes but it will change you forever.

Written by Louie



  1. Very good post! We can be fake with a lot of people because they don’t know more than we allow them to know of who we really are. But we cannot be fake with God. He knows us for who we really are – inside and out. And when we accept that, then we can be honest with Him about our shortcomings.

    • Thank you Faithie you are exactly right! I once heard it wasn’t sin that would send us to hell it’s dishonesty. Jesus dealt with our sin on the cross.Our job is to come clean about it, and walk in the light as he is in the light.

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