You did it unto me

Eddyville State Penitentiary

As she backed into the parking spot, I looked over at the unfamiliar smiling face and realized she was with us tonight. Her name is Billie Jo Matthews and she blessed us with a fresh awareness of life ; she came with Dee Porter, JoAnna Mack, Nancy Ladd and Margo Leneave; having these ladies was like colors of the rainbow. Each minister brought the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ to a place in need of the Light.

When I got up to speak, the Lord reminded me of a time in my life when Louie and I were on different paths. I was all in for God and he was in his addiction, Louie made the comment “I am not hurting anyone, but myself.” But the truth is everything we do effects someone, if not everyone, around us. The enemy would like us to believe it is only happening to the person doing that thing. The Bible teaches that if you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me. In Gen. 39:9 it says that Potipher’s wife tries to seduce Joseph, he says no, “How could I do this great evil and sin against God?” Again in 1Samuel 8:7 it talks about The Lord tells Samuel “They have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them.” Samuel took it personal, but it was God they were rejecting.

I love what it says in Matthew 25:34-46 Jesus identifies Himself with the hungry, thirsty, stranger, naked, sick and imprisoned. The disciples asked when did we do these things to you, Lord.  He said when you did it unto the least of these; you have done it unto me. Also in Acts 9 Saul persecuted the Christians and Jesus knocked him off his horse asking him, why do you persecute me? Have we got the picture that it’s about Jesus and Him living inside us? When we act a certain way to people, we are really doing it to HIM.

As the service came to a close, several ministers got notes to talk in a law box; the note I received was from Lester, I had talked to her a while back; there was a difference in her this time, though. In her note it read, “I want all the drugs out of my life! I am tired of being sick and tired. I want to live for God not evil.” Recently she had been beaten and stomped on the left side of her head by a man during her addiction. This was a reality check for her that this is not the way God intended herto live. She could have died out there or even worse, killed someone in the process. Dee Porter knows the struggles her family has had through the years and remembers a time she was in church and loved God. It was refreshing to see God working in her life in a mighty way.

JoAnna Mack met with JC, who I have also talked to before and knew some of her battles and have prayed for her. Matter of fact, last week she left the service due to an asthma attack or was it a spiritual attack? I was overjoyed to hear JoAnna say that she received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Hallelujah, what a miracle!!! God is in the restoration business, not tearing us down or condemning us, He lifts us up and restores us into right standing with Him. Jesus didn’t come here to make bad people good, He came here to make dead people live.

It becomes more a more apparent to me that we are spirit beings who are designed to contain the Holy Spirit, and He is changing us from glory to glory and we get to be His ambassadors. We are representing the King of Glory and so are others.

Written by Tracey


2 thoughts on “You did it unto me

  1. I’m new to your blogs and try to read as many as I can…I’m enjoying the freshness. Tracy, I especially like the quote from you, Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good, but to make dead people live…so true! Bless you guys!!

    • Thank you, Leigh, people think if they do good things, God will be pleased with them; but it’s about trusting God for who He is and letting him live his life through us. The Sunshine Report is a diary type record of what God is doing in the Christian County Jail. I am so excited he lets me be part of it. God bless you too.

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