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The Bible tells us “The Word of God is powerful.” That is so true! Have you ever thought “I don’t have a clue what to say to them?” I mean I know I am supposed to say something, but what could I possibly say to make a difference?

I have the privilege of teaching Sunday school at church and sharing the Word at the Christian County Jail on a regular basis. I’m here to tell you that in itself has to be God. When I was younger, about Little League baseball age, I was so shy I almost started crying just to walk up in front of others to accept a trophy. Now I talk in front of anybody without hesitation, amazing! God can and will change your disposition if you want him to.

I used to get nervous every time I was asked to teach the Bible to a group of people. Now, I may still get a little weird sometimes, but I have learned something along the way. I love to study, read and talk to others about God and his Word. In fact I can’t think of anything that even comes close to interesting me as much as the Word. Oh yeah your asking what have I learned? Well I haven’t ever met anyone that doesn’t like to talk about something he loves. If you love cars you’ll talk about cars. If you love your wife chances are you’ll talk about your wife. If you love yourself then guess what? You guessed it you’ll talk about yourself. We will always talk about what we love.

When it comes to teaching the Word of God I have also discovered it is very much God’s deal. I mean all I can do is share what I have been studying and what God is showing me in my own life, right? If I do that then chances are someone else in the room probably can relate. The one thing I know for sure is that as long as I stick to the Word of God I can’t go wrong. I’ve learned that everyone has opinions and ideas about just about everything. I try to stick to God’s opinion and if you don’t agree then you’ll have to take it up with him. It sort of let’s me off of the hook; I just present the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave results to God. It truly is the Word of God that changes people anyway not my fabulous oratory skills.

I once heard a man talking about how everyone in the place he preached at thanked him and told him what he said spoke directly to them. The problem he said was none of the subject matter they thanked him for was even his point. It was as though God used his sermon to talk to all of those people on a very individual basis. In the book of Revelation John said he heard a voice, the voice of Jesus of course, and it was the sound of many waters. I think this is an example of that very thing. This man preached and everyone was refreshed exactly where they were thirsty. The same river or stream which is the Word of God brought a drink to each of them individually right where they needed it the most. “Thank you God for how you meet with each one of us on a very personal level. You know exactly what part of our life needs to have the power of your Word applied to it.” Amen!!

Written by Louie


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