The Good News

Greg Head baptizes a young girl in the river

They call the gospel the good news because we are sinners and fall short of the glory of God; but because Jesus died in our place with all of our sin on Him, we don’t have to end up in hell with Satan and his angels. Whew, that is good news.  Jesus died on the cross, went to hell, took dominion away from Satan and God raised him from the dead. Jesus ascended to heaven and sent His Holy Spirit to indwell redeemed mankind. That was the simple message for the ones sitting in the cold room of 954 at Christian County Jail.

There are two major ordinances that we still practice today as the church, one is baptism and the other is communion. Once we have been born again, we follow Jesus in water baptism. The baptism spoken of in Romans 6 is us being placed in Christ which means us being crucified, buried and raised with Christ to walk in newness of life. Communion is Christ being put into us; so everywhere we go He is there inside us. Some of the girls in jail act as though when they get out Jesus stayed in. It’s not like they can be in jail and they have Jesus, but when they leave they don’t have Him. How can that be possible? Some say that all the time, but it doesn’t make sense; Jesus is there or He isn’t.

The night went on as Rhema Word brought up the subject of how we look at relationships and what we want out of the ones in our life. Most ladies said they wanted respect, love, and faithfulness. These are qualities we have of God, He respects us, loves us and He is faithful. He is actually more than all these things, but the point is that we have a relationship with Him. Joanne brought hope and encouragement, but I didn’t get to hear it because I went to a girl in the back of the room who was having really bad cramps, so Miss Zander and I prayed over her.

Bro. Larry baptizes Tori Douthitt

After the services were over I got to counsel a girl who was struggling with pressures from her family. She was confused at why they were happening and didn’t know what to do. I told her “I don’t have the answers, but I know the one who does and His name is Jesus.” I explained to her about children, young men and Fathers in the Bible and how we are in one of those stages. It’s okay to be in the child stage, but we will continue to grow until we begin to see it’s about the other person.

We also got to talk to Haley who is getting ready to go to a facility in Henderson, Ky. that helps women through their drug addiction. She told us details about when she gave birth to her twins that she gave up for adoption. Her doctor told her she almost died that day. She said “he gave her 13 pints of blood when the human body only holds 10.5.” He told her that he did not save her life, but “it was God who saved her.” She is a different person today because she knows for a fact that Jesus loves her and has a plan for her. It is so refreshing to hear ladies proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Jim Seward conducts communion service

The last girl I want to tell you about was also a blessing as she revealed to us how she got put in jail and how she got caught up in the wrong crowd. There was a time in her life that Jesus was all she ever wanted or thought about. Since then she has plunged into meth and all the things that go with that lifestyle. But tonight she was caught up in the praise and worship and misses her relationship with Jesus. As we knelt down in front of the bean flap, she confessed of how happy she was for being in jail, but only because she has repented and sees that it has saved her life. She stated how since she has been in jail she has hope; which is something she almost gave up on.

Written by Tracey


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