Do We Have a Nature? By Brian Coatney

Brian and Tandy Coatney

The tirade of the old nature is endless,

bossy flesh, monstrous cravings,

sensual swoon, murderous thoughts;

you get the idea, and one could spend

all day and half the night in torment,

plus expert analysis to the finest detail,

not to mention the gift of condemnation,

which grows endlessly in its “I’m no good”

flip side of pride, after a season of exaltation.

Yes, that old nature is a killer for Christians

and non Christians alike, though the former

Brian leading in a worship song

make a shrine out of it—the place where

one can find every reason to stall in defeat.

But once one ever sees that this is all a lie,

a pile of rubbish, and fabrication only

a serpent would devise, then the game’s up:

oh yes, the same war goes on always

in this dispensation, as Paul says

in Galatians. What a secret too where he

says that sin is no longer I—yes that’s Romans 7.

So if it’s not I, then it’s not I.

All the evil is the nature of one not I—

like all the good is the nature of one not I.

Brian and Tracey "must've been yellow shirt day"

Where does that leave me?

Laughing all the way, as vine ripened sweetness

pours forth scent, flavor—mist watering the self—

bud, flower, sap, full power—and every

sweet and merciful certainty of faith.




4 thoughts on “Do We Have a Nature? By Brian Coatney

  1. Dear Friends, I have been touched by this poem,

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing it on my blog, I have credited Brian and shared a link to this page as the source,

    God Bless

    Brother Marlon 🙂

    1. Thanks Marlon feel free to use any here that suits you. Our goal is for others to gain insight and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. By the way here’s Brian’s blog address feel free to check it out he has plenty more where that one came from.
      Thanks so much for commenting.

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