Photos from the first try

Some people think they have to clean their lives up before they come to church. They act as though God won’t accept them if they don’t have everything in their life in order. I for one am glad that isn’t true. If that was true none of us would ever come would we?

I try to stay away from catch phrases and other hokey sayings but there is one I would like to share with you. Jesus told the disciples he would make them fishers of men right? I heard someone say once “it’s our job to catch them, but God’s the one that cleans them.” It may be a little bit hokey, but it’s true. We haven’t any ability to clean up our lives; if it’s going to be done God is the only one that can do it.

It came up recently that God was sort of like a wife. Hear me out okay? What I mean is he isn’t into sharing our affections with other lovers. I would be willing to bet if you told your wife you had a couple girlfriends she wouldn’t be alright with that would she? God is the same way he isn’t going to share us with other “gods” or idols. He wants all of our affection or none of it don’t you think?

Speaking of wives I’ll share something about mine. I already asked her if I could, and she said it would be okay so here goes. Several years ago she and I were potheads to say the least. There came a time in our marriage when she wanted more out of life. She started going to church seeking God only to come home on Sunday afternoon to a house filled with potheads and smoke. She had a decision to make every Sunday afternoon. Would she partake of the herb or refrain? If she indulged she would become too paranoid to go back to church for the night service. Sometimes she would fight it and other times she would cave in and imbibe.

The first time

The thing I am trying to get at with this story is she didn’t and couldn’t clean up her habits. As she continued to go to church God became more and more important to her and subsequently the pot became less. Eventually she would not only stop smoking pot she even made the decision to leave me. It seems God won her heart, and he wasn’t going to share her with pot or any other thing that would come before him. By the way it wasn’t just pot there was a load of other substances involved by this time.

Ultimately what happened was we were divorced for about two years. I mean we never could have dreamed that God was going to put us back together. In fact I would go as far as to say neither one of us even thought I would live through the addictions. God had a different plan though. He allowed me to get completely to the bottom. I finally cried out, he saved me and miraculously transformed my life. We eventually were remarried and our lives have been a blessed adventure ever since.

God is a jealous God. Some people don’t understand that statement, and they think it’s a petty trait for God to have. Let me see if I can explain. It isn’t that God is jealous of us he is jealous for us. He wants what is best for us and that of course would be him. You see anything less than he in our lives is not good enough for us according to him. He is jealous for us to have the very best and he wants us to lean on him not some drug, money, reputation or even other person.

Written by Louie


4 thoughts on “GOD IS A JEALOUS GOD

  1. William (Billy) & I SOOO know where ya are coming from. The day we were baptised TOGETHER is something only GOD could put together. We were ment to be together, just as Tracey & you were ment to be together. This was and still is Gods plan for ya’ll and for us. I have to say, I not William fought it every step of the way but in the end God won. I am so thankful for my husband and for the life we have together. Just wish we would have made it through from the begining instead of 13yrs later, but we are on the right track now. Love you both & have a BLESSED day!!!!!

  2. He is indeed jealous – and I love these pics of you and Tracie!.

    Our own governor, son of a Baptist Minister, recently partook in a Hindu ceremony in Elisabethtown. (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2801684/posts) I’m afraid he may find out just how jealous our God is. He’s shown it to me personally when I allow other people to sit on the throne of my heart, and I know for a fact that He doesn’t take our loyalty lightly.

    • So true! Wow so he sat in on the Hindu ceremony. I think this is where the line gets drawn isn’t it?
      Jesus said either we are with him or against him, gathering or scattering! This also reminds me of King Saul and how he wanted Samuel to make him look good in front of the people.
      He seemed to care more about the polls than God.
      Thank you,

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