There’s no time in the Spirit

With God we can walk on water

As the ladies entered the room at Christian County Jail, the numbers were few, 12 to be exact. I thought to myself, “Good, that is exactly the ones God picked to be here.” One thing I have learned in my journey to Pawleys Island is that God ordains our steps, and whatever is going on at the time is exactly what God intended.

As I walked up to share Jesus with the girls, I realized that I didn’t have any notes, and frankly, I have been preoccupied with my new job God gave me. I have been nervous all week and coming home with a headache each day. Then it came to me, I have the Holy Spirit living in me and He is the one that teaches all things of God. I started out by telling them there is no time in the Spirit. I got some looks of confusion until I explained. How can it be said that we took of the fruit in the garden as Adam did? How was it possible that we were crucified with Christ? We weren’t even born yet. How about when we were raised with Christ in his resurrection and His ascension? It’s because we are spirit beings who are clothed in a soul and body. Praise Jesus, how wonderful for all three parts. I don’t like it when people say, “we are only human;” as if it is a bad thing or even a sin. Jesus was human and He was without sin. I don’t think we give God enough credit for His magnificent creation, so much so that He needed a body to express Himself so He chose us! Over and over again in the scripture He tells us how He wanted to have union with us, but we somehow won’t accept it.

In the garden Adam had all the power and dominion over the plants, fish of the sea, fowl of the air and he named every thing, so when He took of the fruit he literally handed over his dominion to the devil. That is how the devil was able to tempt Jesus in the desert after Jesus was driven there on purpose by God. But listen to me now, through the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ living His life in us through the Holy Spirit, we are given back what was given to us. The devil doesn’t want us to know that we are spirit beings being lead by the Holy Spirit. Isn’t that part of the fall of man? We were deceived, folks, but no more! Listen to what the Word of God says about it. Romans 5 verse 5 says, “And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”

A woman, who I will call Haley, talked to Joyce and me in the law box about her relationship with her husband. Let me make things clear, this is not what God put together, if you know what I mean? They got married in jail for all the wrong reasons. The clarity came after much prayer and concern from the ones close to her. But what I saw in her eyes tonight, I have not seen in her before. She got saved on the outside before she got put back in here. There is a definite difference in her, Joyce and I both noticed the change. She was saying and meaning stuff that only comes from a woman who is broken, tired and ready for God to do what He does….everything! The moment came when she said, “I never saw the rain as a beautiful thing or the clouds as a miracle.” You can imagine the joy in our hearts as we listened to her say these things and make right choices this time. I wish you all could be there to see what I have seen in the faces and lives of these women as God changes them.

Written by Tracey


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