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Have you ever seen a sheep wallowing in the mud? Well I have, it is what you see when you see a believer who doesn’t know that he is a new creature in Christ. He may be saved, but his lack of understanding prevents him from living like the sheep that he is, instead he is left to roll around in the mud like he always has. It is the nature of a pig to roll around in the mud, in fact he loves it. A sheep on the other hand may fall into the mud but it isn’t his nature to wallow in it. He will get out of the mud and find the one who will wash him clean.

There are those believers that think we have two natures within us. I for one don’t think the bible teaches us that. I believe we are born sinners, pigs if you will, because of our Adamic nature. We are born with the tendency to like a messy, lowdown and fleshly lifestyle. Our nature prevents us from loving God or living out a righteous life. Just as the prodigal found himself longing to eat the pig food, we too have an appetite for things that aren’t good for us. This is why Jesus said you must be born again. Without receiving a new nature we are destined to a life of living in the pigpen. At some point we, like the prodigal, must come to ourselves, arise and go to the Father.

Once having made the transformation from pig (sin nature) to sheep (divine nature) we are declared new creatures. The bible says old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. Do we really believe this or not? It says old things (piggy sin nature) are passed away; behold all things become new (sheepy divine nature). This says we have a new nature not an additional one to go with the old one. We were a slave to sin, the pig in the puddle, but now we are a slave to righteousness– the shepherd of the flock.

The way this took place is quite remarkable indeed. The Great Shepherd of the sheep was lead like a lamb to slaughter. He laid down his life for the sheep, so they could live. No one has the power to take his life; he laid it down on his own, only to take it up again. Upon him returning to the Father he sent the Holy Spirit so he might take up residence within us whereby we are transformed. Now having the divine nature of the Great Shepherd, we no longer have to continue to wallow in the mud of our old sinful (piggy) nature. Instead we have the privilege of being one of the sheep that follow the Shepherd, the great overseer of our souls.

Written by Louie


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