I heard this lady tell about how she was raised fighting with everyone all of the time. She said when they would have family reunions there was always a fight. Someone always walked away with a black eye, a bloody nose or a fat lip. She said it was just normal for me and my family. I don’t know about you but it wasn’t normal for me and my family.

This lady is in her sixties now and seems to have mellowed somewhat, but I still don’t think I would want to cross her. She still seems like she may have a little bit of fight left in her.

She seemed puzzled about why she and her family were this way. I told her that it was passion. I said “God wants us to be passionate about things. He tells us in the book of Revelation he would rather us be hot or cold and if we are lukewarm he would spew us out of his mouth.” Obviously these folks were passionate about the wrong things but they were passionate.

I shared with her that the devil cannot create anything all he can do is pervert and destroy things. If God makes us humans to be passionate beings then the devil is sure to try and use that trait for his purposes. He wants to rule in God’s place. This has been his desire for eons and eons. If he can’t create anything else he will surely create chaos.

It wasn’t too long ago that I came across a definition of evil I would like to share with you. Evil defined—”a violation of purpose.” I learned this one day and I don’t think it has left me since. If you think about what the Word says about God and his purposes for us and the rest of his creation you will discover the enemies plan is to always twist it to his advantage.

Years ago I was hooked on drugs. I remember my mother telling me “If you and your friends would put half as much effort into something constructive, as you do foolishness you would be a great success.” I think back on that and realize what she said was pretty profound. The enemy would love nothing more than to take the talents, gifts and passion God has given us and use them to violate the purpose for which he gave them.

As the conversation ended the lady told me “I like that explanation I’ll have to think about that a little bit more.” Tracey invited her to come to Sunday school; she said she would think about it. As we left her I was glad I could be of some help and maybe she understood a little bit more about God and his purposes for her passion.

Written by Louie


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