The Soul and Body Swing

A swing is a great illustration of how the spirit, soul and body operate. The Holy Spirit and our spirit are joined in union and cannot be changed. The two are at rest one with the other. Just as a swing is secured we are secure, God isn’t going to let us go. We belong to him, he has bought us, and it is for us that he gave his life. He is our anchor.

The bottom of the swing represents our body and soul and they are in the seen realm. These are constantly changing because they are based on feelings and circumstances. Now a swing is supposed to swing that is the way it is made. We don’t like to swing from side to side. Our soul moves from thoughts and feelings we don’t like to thoughts and feelings we do like. We don’t like this swinging in our soul so we try to stop it. We think we are supposed to always feel good and have good thoughts so we try and nail the swing up on the good side. We think this is God’s side but it isn’t. If it isn’t originating from above the line it isn’t truly God’s side.

Swing tacked up on the good side

Adam and Eve’s problem came from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. Notice the tree had “GOOD” as well as evil but it was still from the wrong tree. We try to always maintain good thoughts, feelings and good behavior. Whether we are eating from the good side or the evil side if we are trying in our own self effort it is wrong. Our self effort doesn’t originate from our place of union in Christ; therefore it is us trying independently to be a “good” Christian.

As long as we operate from the soul we are going to try and stop the swing on the good side. God made that part of us to swing, so we are not going to stop it. He wants us to feel and think things contrary to the spirit. Why? Because that is the only way we can learn to live by faith out of who we really are and who he really is, rather than out of appearances. God uses the operation of the swing to push us into living out of spirit, where we are joined to him. We are going to try and stop the swing until we see that we are made that way. God knows how we are made and it is okay to have those thoughts and feelings.

The deepest level is where you and God are joined together as one. As long as we live below the line our body and soul are going to be a problem. Unlike our souls, God in our spirit is quiet and that is where we are to live from. We come to live in the place where all is quiet even though everything around us is noisy. This is when others see something different about us and witness Christ in us because we act differently than those who live below the line.    

 Taken from “The Rest of the Gospel” by Dan Stone & David Gregory


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