With all of the talk about bankruptcy on the news I felt led to share this. I heard someone talking today about the original meaning of the word bankrupt. He said it means “breaking the bank.” He went on to say it implied “breaking the board.” He spoke of how in the old days bankers used a board to do all of their transactions  and when the bank was broke he literally broke the board in two.

As soon as I heard this explanation the story of Jesus going into the Temple and turning over the moneychangers tables came to mind. Jesus saw how the moneychangers were cheating the worshippers and he had had enough. I always knew Jesus was upset about them cheating people, but today I saw a new twist to this story.

It was shown to me through the defining of bankrupt that maybe Jesus was saying something much more profound than I thought. I saw it as the way Jesus was telling them that this bank (Temple) or way, is now out of business or bankrupt. There is absolutely no way this is going to get the job done.

He was telling them he would be the one to pay the debt. After all it was what Jesus said on the cross wasn’t it? “It is finished.” I have come to understand that phrase to be translated as “paid in full.” The whole Temple, sacrificial system and rituals were unable to pay the sin debt . The blood of goats and bulls were obviously never going to pay the debt. I think Jesus was saying this whole era has ended and it is time to look to the Son to set us free from the sin debt.

Written by Louie


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