It was about the sixth hour, 12:00 p.m, possibly the hottest part of the day as Jesus took a seat at a well and a woman approached to draw water. Early in the morning or late afternoon would be the ideal time to draw water but there is a reason she comes at noon. This lady has had five husbands and she is presently living with a man that isn’t her husband. She probably isn’t on friendly terms with the other ladies of the village considering how friendly she is with the men so she doesn’t come at the same time as they do. Jesus asks her for a drink and she is surprised because a Jewish man wouldn’t normally speak with a Samaritan woman. He offers her living water that will never run out and she doesn’t understand. Jesus tells this woman He will give her enough for her and enough that she can give to others. This woman has had a rough life filled with bad decisions, failed marriages, confusion about God, her heritage and who knows what else, yet Jesus finds her worth his time and offers her everlasting water.
I thought about this story the other day and I realized something about this I hadn’t thought of before. Sometimes we make really bad decisions, maybe even a life full of them and we think we have blown it for good and our life will never change or get better. We may even think that we have gone so far that even God doesn’t want to talk with us but that isn’t true. This woman may not have been at the well that afternoon if it wasn’t for those decisions. Now Jesus is giving her the opportunity to make a good decision and receive living water.
The truth is we can’t repair our lives but Jesus can and will if we just ask him to. What if those bad decisions are the very reason we find ourselves alone and thirsty talking with the Savior? I have known people that have told me that jail was the best thing that ever happened to them that if they hadn’t been locked up they would be dead. People have been divorced, gotten sick, lost jobs and any other thing you can think of and in the end have been found thirsty and talking with the Savior. No matter what you have done with your life Jesus isn’t ashamed of you he knows all about you, where you have been and who you have been with and he still thinks you are worth his time.
The way we receive this water from the Savior is the same way she received it, Jesus made the offer and she accepted. There is nothing we could do on our own to make ourselves worthy of God, but he offers to make us worthy through his son Jesus. Once the Samaritan woman realized who Jesus was she ran to tell everyone she could find. She had received the living water, ran in to town, and started to quench the thirst of all in the city. It was high noon in Samaria.

Thoughts on John chapter 4

Written by Louie


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