Posted: February 22, 2012 in video

         Isn’t it amazing how God speaks to people through us even when we are unaware?

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  1. Donald Konick says:

    Louie; that was a neat video.
    I looked at the complete profile when you click on your picture & checked out the Godscare link I’m not goth but it is a really good site. It reminds me of what Paul said “I am all things to all men” so Jesus is goth to get who ever will respond, that’s super neat. The part of the site I liked the best is the scientific evidence that God is, and also there was an article about Einstein that was awesome. I wish there was some way that I could get a PDF file of those articles so I could show them to some friends of mine. Anyway the link is cool thank you for having it on your web page.

    Konick the Konjurer

    • Thanks Don, There is quite a bit more to that site than I have actually looked at myself. The part that got my attention on it was the part called riches. It has several rock ‘n’ roll testimonies that I thought were too cool!
      Thanks so much for commenting,

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